4 Ways to Stop Putting Things Off Till Tomorrow. It's time to stop putting things off till tomorrow.

Recently I wrote about needing to master the art of self-discipline when it comes to being my own boss.

Consequently, since writing that post I have been thinking a lot about ways to set up work parameters, improve my productivity, and be more self-disciplined.

With all of this self-examination, one mindset jumped out at me as a major issue. More so, because it seemed to be something I was doing unconsciously. You may even be doing it yourself.

I noticed, when I thought about a particular task that needed completing, the very next thought to pop into my brain was:


Without even realizing it, I had picked up a nasty case of tomorrowitis.

Obviously, not every task on your to-do list can be done today. Some work will need to be designated for tomorrow. That’s simply the natural order of things.

However, I was delegating important tasks that needed to be done today, to tomorrow (which I should mention has a habit of never coming, if this particular way of thinking continues day after day).

It is a rather vicious form of procrastination, which can come back to bite you. In our minds there is always a tomorrow, meaning the task may never get done at all or more likely be completed well after your self-imposed due date. This can affect your business, not to mention your frustration levels.

Ultimately, it comes down to prioritizing and self-discipline.

So what should you do if you hear this destructive little phrase playing in your head?

Here are my tips. I should mention here that I don’t claim to have all of the answers. I’m simply trying to find a method that works for me and will hopefully work for you too.

Be aware

The first step is to be aware of your thoughts. I know it sounds strange but I didn’t notice this bad behavior straight away, it took a couple of times before I picked up on it.

Once I realized the negative soundtrack that was playing in my head, I could do something about stopping it and changing the situation. You can’t change what you are not aware of.

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This is where you work out how important the task is.

Does it need to be done today? Will the task greatly impact your business in a negative or positive way if not completed today? Will you still reach your goals and targets if this task is not completed today? Will you feel frustrated, or overwhelmed or could your self-esteem be affected by this task not at least being started today?

If it is a priority, then schedule it for the day. This could easily mean working longer hours or sacrificing another project. It goes without saying if the project is a large one, you may need to complete it over a longer time frame, but you at least have to start it today.

As I am typing this, I can’t help but reflect back on my personal assistant days, trying to manage a busy manager’s calendar. And I mean busy. Back-to-back meetings booked all day, where you could not possibly squeeze another meeting in. I was often told how important a particular meeting was.

I remember once, I sent my boss to the wrong meeting by mistake. Guess what, the world didn’t fall apart, and the business didn’t go belly up. Turns out, his missing that meeting had no impact at all (which of course begs the question, how important was his attendance at the meeting in the first place?)

Do your best to prioritize.

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Reprogram your thoughts

You have decided the task needs to be done today. You have decided it is a priority.

If you can delegate the task to someone else, this is a perfect time to do so. If you are a solo business owner, that may not be an option.

Schedule the work into your day at a specific time slot.

Replay the tape in your head. This time it will be saying, ‘I will do the task at 3 pm today’.

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Get it done

For some reason, this can sometimes be the hardest part. We know what to do, we know we have to do it and yet we don’t.

This is where the extra dose of self-discipline needs to kick in.

Get the job done today, you will feel so much better for it. Besides, there will be a whole new batch of tasks that need to be done tomorrow.

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