It's time to have some fun.

Earlier I wrote a post Do you have a fun plan?

I just re-read through my original post. I hate to admit this, but this may be one of those times where I haven’t been taking my own advice.

I haven’t been having enough fun lately.

I mean side-splitting, laugh out loud fun. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been completely dull and boring either, I have been enjoying myself.

Just not enough.

Here are some tips, if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Don’t become a hermit

My friends are starting to call me a hermit. Not a good sign.

Writers/bloggers tend to be solitary creatures. We spend a lot of time working on our own, particularly if we work from home.

Whether you are a writer or not you might be spending too much alone.

I’m a person who enjoys their own company and has no problem being alone. Yet even I realize there are times when too much alone time, can be too much.

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Connect with people

The best way to connect with someone is to meet them face to face.

But let’s face it that is not always possible, our friends have busy lives. They are not always available on tap.

Next best option. Phone a friend. Sit down and have a good laugh and a chat.

The next option is online, though if you are someone like me who spends a lot of time online for work, I would advise shutting off the laptop and meeting up with your friends in person.

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Connect with nature

It’s not just people we can connect with to enjoy ourselves.  Connecting with nature can bring about feelings of fun, exhilaration, serenity, and peace.

Whether it’s bush walking, rock climbing, admiring the beauty of nature and the amazing animals around us or simply reading a good book in the shade of a beautiful tree.

Be inspired and uplifted by nature at its finest.

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Understand that fun means different things to different people

One person’s version of fun might be another person’s version of utter boredom.

Make sure you know what your version of fun is.   Though trying different things is great, don’t get dragged into someone else’s fun house if you know you will have a miserable time.

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Embrace comedy

We all love a good movie, television show, or comedian that makes us laugh.

Yesterday I was laughing my head off to a scene in Supernatural Season Seven. Yes Supernatural, the series more likely to scare the hell out of some folks. It also has some hilariously funny scenes.

Embrace whatever your version of comedy is and laugh like there is no tomorrow.

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Get active

Get that body moving. Whether it’s dancing around the house to high-energy music, heading out dancing with girlfriends, walking along a beach, attending a Zumba class, or joining some sort of sporting club – get that body moving.

As well as having a ball, it will be good for your health.

Do something that makes you happy

There is a pretty good chance that if you are doing something that makes you happy, there will be a lot of fun involved.  Go for it.

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Hang around fun people

If you need more fun in your life, there is nothing like hanging around fun or like-minded people.

If you are a creative type, hang out with your other creative friends. Similarly, if you are an active person.

Unfortunately, we all know people who naturally tend to drag other people down. People who always seem to be down in the dumps and negative.  I’m not saying we should abandon these people as friends, but perhaps limit how much time you spend with them, particularly if you have been locking yourself away from people working and need to get out and enjoy yourself.

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Be a fun person

As I typed the above paragraph, I worried I might not be a great deal of fun to be around lately. Yikes!

I have been all work and not enough play. While I enjoy talking about my blog, it might not be entertaining to someone else. Something to definitely consider going forward and even more reason to make an effort to put myself out there.

There is one simple thing you can do to make yourself more approachable to people.  Smile. Sometimes if we are nervous or preoccupied, we forget to smile.

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Be a social butterfly

This won’t work for everyone I admit. If you have a highly introverted personality, the idea of flitting around in a large group might have you breaking into a cold sweat. For others, it will be a great deal of fun and frivolity.

The opposite may also be true. Perhaps you are around people all of the time – the ultimate social butterfly. Perhaps what you could really benefit from is some by yourself time?

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Don’t let age be a barrier

Unfortunately, we can sometimes lose our sense of fun and adventure as we grow older. Age can bring with it responsibilities, obligations, and financial burdens.

Despite this, it is important to make sure you fit in some fun time around your responsibilities. You are entitled to enjoy yourself, don’t let anyone tell you any different.

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