Month: October 2011

Are You Having Enough Fun?

It's time to have some fun.

Earlier I wrote a post Do you have a fun plan? I just re-read through my original post. I hate to admit this, but this may be one of those times where I haven’t been taking my own advice. I haven’t been having enough fun lately. I mean side-splitting, laugh out loud fun. Don’t get […]

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Magazine Madness

I have a confession. I used to be a magazine addict. Read Confessions of a Magazine Addict.

I have a confession to make. I used to have a bit of a problem. An addiction you might say. For many, many years I was a magazine addict. I couldn’t resist their glossy covers, catchy headlines, and feature stories. Just ask any of my friends who have helped me move house over the years. […]

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Are You Suffering from Tomorrowitis?

4 Ways to Stop Putting Things Off Till Tomorrow. It's time to stop putting things off till tomorrow.

Recently I wrote about needing to master the art of self-discipline when it comes to being my own boss. Consequently, since writing that post I have been thinking a lot about ways to set up work parameters, improve my productivity, and be more self-disciplined. With all of this self-examination, one mindset jumped out at me […]

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