Recently I was reading a friends Facebook page where she listed her life experiences. I couldn’t help but notice her spin on events, making some of them sound far better than they were in reality. She told everyone she lived overseas for an extended period of time, when in fact she has only visited for a couple of weeks.

This got me thinking.

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What is it called when we put a spin on things? What’s it called when we make things sound much better than they really are?

I’m sure we all do this to some degree, whether it’s talking about our latest overseas adventure, writing our resume or trying to impress new people.

The questions remains.

When it comes to the art of spin – are we lying, exaggerating, bragging, being positive, putting forward our version of events or simply telling a good story?

Or are we telling people what we think they want to hear?

Let’s face it, people prefer to hear the positive stuff. ‘I won’ sounds a lot better than ‘It was a tie’.

Was my friend simply being a good salesperson and perfecting her pitch, so to speak?

However you choose to define it, I can’t help but wonder, it is a good or bad thing? Or perhaps it falls under neither of these labels? It may all depend on the circumstances.

Perhaps it’s more about the intent behind the spin. If we are trying to manipulate people or purposely mislead them for our own benefit than that can’t be considered a good thing.

On the other hand, if you can give events a bit of a lift (without hurting anyone), then why not?

Is being able to spin a good story going to win you more friends or help you in your career? Or should we be telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? (I have doubts about how well this last option would work out to be honest).

Is in fact, spinning a good story something we should all be working on – something we should be trying to get better at? Surely the art of spin can help us with self promotion.

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I started this post by mentioning she made a comment on Facebook.

Social media is a hotbed of making things look and sound better than they really are and one of the main reasons you should never compare your life to what you see on social media!

It seems we are more likely to spin a good yarn on Facebook, Instagram and other online platforms than we would when we speak face to face with people. If dating sites are any indication to go by, we seem to be more at ease making ourselves sound better over the Internet.

As we are all too aware, the Internet has its fair share of people who flat-out lie, deceive and try to exploit.

The art of spin is something we all indulge in at some point. In the end, I think it comes down to how comfortable we feel with the stories we tell about ourselves, and our lives.

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