Life can be messy and complicated but it can also be simple. If you want a simpler life, you can make it happen. When you simplify your life you open yourself up for more joy and happiness, with a lot less drama.

Let’s look at 7 ways to simplify your life.

1. Don’t should all over yourself

How many times do you think to yourself, I should be doing such and such, I should be better at this; I should, I should, I should?

Getting caught up in a constant barrage of I should will leave you feeling frustrated and inadequate. Often our should’s are what other people want us to be doing and not things we actually care about ourselves. Sometimes it can be a matter of overestimating how much we can get completed in one day, week or month.

Focus instead on your key priorities. Focus on what is important.

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7 Ways to Simplify Your Life

2. Be comfortable with the word No

Why do we say yes when we really want to say no?

Whether we are trying to please people or not being assertive enough, we agree to things that we do not want to do, which will most likely have us feeling resentful later.

Another behavior I’ve noticed when we say no, we tend to give a long-winded explanation as to why. It’s like we need to justify ourselves. You don’t need to do this. Long-winded explanations tend to give people the impression you are lying.

Don’t be blunt or rude. Don’t be aggressive. Say no in a polite, assertive manner.

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3. Slow down

We have all seen them, the people who rush from one task to another. You might even be one of these people yourself.

Being productive and working through our list of tasks is a good thing. For some people rushing from one project to another, will energize and invigorate them.

For others, however – rushing around, constantly pushing themselves beyond their limit leaves them feeling exhausted, tired and downright cranky to be around.

If you fit into the latter category, you need to slow down before you fall down. The world isn’t going to explode into a fire-ball if you spread your errands over a longer time frame.

4. Find joy in the everyday

Yesterday I caught myself off guard. For absolutely no reason, I started dancing in my kitchen. There was no music playing, just an urge to get the limbs moving. Damn, it felt good!

Sitting in my courtyard, listening to the birds, hearing a gentle breeze blow through the trees and patting my gorgeous cat fills me with such joy. Some of our happiest moments are the simplest.

Find the beauty and joy in each day.

5. Don’t spend more than you earn

I’m not a financial guru but this is a no brainer.

Lack of money and being entrenched in debt is one of the surest, most stressful ways to complicate your life.

Keep it simple – pay your bills, have a savings plan and have a strategy to get out of debt. Have fun with the money you can reasonably afford to spend without throwing your life into chaos.

6. Don’t live someone else’s life

If you are constantly trying to keep other people happy by living a life that they want for you, instead of the life you choose for yourself, you are bound to be miserable, even if you become brilliant at hiding it.

Hold your ground.  Though it can be tempting to give in to family and peer pressure – be yourself.

Chase after your goals and not someone else’s.

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7. Declutter

This point is a ‘note to self’ moment.

My desk is cluttered and my garage is filled with stuff. Clutter and mess, do not equate to a peaceful atmosphere.

Clutter can stifle creativity and create feelings of overwhelm. Make a plan to systematically work through your clutter. I am starting on my desk this afternoon!

I won’t get my desk cleared in the first attempt. You would agree with me if you saw the pile of paper teetering on a collapse in my tray. The important part is to start but also to finish within a time frame I am comfortable with.

When you simplify your life you make way for more peace, happiness, and joy.

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