The reasons I love New York City.

I have been daydreaming about going back to New York lately, so instead of a normal post, I thought I would write a fun post about one of my favorite cities.

Here are some of my favorite things about New York.

– The one thing I love about this city is how you are spoilt for choice. There are so many restaurants, bars, shops, museums, galleries – you name it.  There is just SO much to do. For a fun-filled, city dweller Gemini like myself, it’s pure Nirvana.

–  Chelsea Inn.   This is the small hotel I stayed in on my 2007 trip.  It is well priced, clean and in a great location.  Union Square with its many restaurants and bars is a few short blocks away.  I would definitely stay there again.

– Buddakan Restaurant in The Meatpacking District.  You definitely must go to the Meatpacking area for dinner and drinks.  Originally we went to the Buddakan as part of the Sex and the City Tour (it is the restaurant where Carrie and Big had their pre-wedding dinner).  This restaurant is gorgeous. Our first thought was we couldn’t afford to eat there, yet we were pleasantly surprised when we saw the menu.  Even more surprised, when we went for an amazing dinner.

– Gaslight Lounge in the Meatpacking District.  This is a laid-back, dark bar (perfect for the inebriated snog, should you be so inclined) with great music, big comfy chairs, and cute men. Perfect place for four single girls having some harmless, flirty fun.

– Republic is a fabulous noodle bar over on Union Square.  Not only is the food fresh, tasty and affordable, it has a long dining section in the front of the restaurant, perfect for solo singles.  A great place to grab a massive bowl of noodles and a glass of sauvignon blanc if you are on your own.

– Whole Foods Market.  Dear God I wish we had these stores in Brisbane.   Great food and lots and lots of choice.  The store on Columbus Square is perfectly placed for picnic provisions.  Cross the busy intersection and you are in Central Park.

–  Chrysler Building.  I adore this building.  The Art Deco design, the gargoyles, the way it reflects the sun from certain angles.  It is a New York icon.

230 Fifth.  This is a rooftop bar with a knock out view.  I’m sure the locals can spot the tourists as soon as they walk in.  Staring across at the Empire State Building lit up, nice and close, is enough to make any tourist mouth drop in awe.

– There are many wonderful museums in New York.  My favourites – Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Museum of Natural History.

– Broadway Shows.  Though I didn’t see a show on my last visit, I did get to see Beauty and the Beast before it finished back in 2007.  It was supposed to be on its last legs.  Yet it blew my girlfriend and I away, it was so fantastic.  See a big Broadway show, you won’t be sorry.

– Helicopter ride alongside Manhattan and over the Statue of Liberty.  I hadn’t been in a helicopter for years, so I decided to have a splurge in 2007.  Totally loved it!

– The Shopping!! Just to be clear, I rarely shop at home.  But this is New York baby and if you are ever going to get your shopping groove on – it’s here.  Take a near empty suitcase.

– Ellis Island.  This establishment gives you an insight into how the city of New York was shaped by immigration.  It also reminds you how frightened and incredibly brave these people must have been coming to a new country.  If you are a history buff like me, be prepared to spend hours here.

– The Cloisters Museum and Gardens.  This museum is also part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The ‘interesting part’ about this trip is taking the train.  It takes you up to 190th street and then there is walk through a park.  While I felt safe riding the subway in NY, this particular trip did feel a little scary.  You definitely get a feeling you are not in Manhattan anymore.

That aside, the museum itself feels like you have stepped back in time to medieval Europe. If you are up that way visiting the museum, stop into the New Leaf restaurant for a lovely lunch.

– The Sex and City tour.  If you are a fan of the series and the movies, get some girls together and take the tour.  It’s great fun.

You might be thinking I can’t count but I’m in the process of updating this post. I promise it will be finished shortly! Stay tuned…