Our choices can have huge consequences. Are You Making the Right Choices?

We all make choices, probably too many of them to count every day.

Some choices we make have little or no consequences, while others can be life-shattering. In fact, they can be life ending.

The news on the weekend was horrific.

Coverage mainly involved the tragedy in Norway and the death of Amy Winehouse.

Though Winehouse’s death is very sad (any death is sad, particularly in a person of that age), I was a bit frustrated by the sort of press attention she was getting, considering everything else that was going on in the world at the time.

The people I felt deep sympathy and compassion for were the people in Norway.

When it all comes down to it, Amy made her own lifestyle choices.

Now we are hearing about all the people that were to blame for her drug and alcohol situation. Her ex-husband introduced her to this and that, her management did something else and her family should have done more.

People seem to be looking for someone to blame.

Blaming everyone else for our problems just doesn’t cut it. Believe me, I wish it did, I could blame a few people for some of mine. It would be easier to pass the buck and not have to take any responsibility.

It would be great not to have to man up (or woman up as the case may be) to my own mistakes and bad decisions.

The one thing everyone seems to be forgetting is that Amy, in fact, made her own choices.

When the drugs and booze were offered she choose yes when she should have said no.

She was a grown woman responsible for herself.

Amy was given options. She was given chances to turn things around. Sadly that didn’t seem to work out for her.

The truth of the matter is I felt a lot sorrier over the weekend for the victims of the Norwegian tragedy.

They were simply going about their day. They had no choice in what happened to them.

No point in time where they could say I don’t want this, I want something different.

No point where they could say, I want to continue with my life. Those poor people were given no options. No choices.

While some choices we can change easily without any repercussions, other choices have far-reaching consequences.

Are you making the right choices for your life?

I rarely write opinion based posts on what is happening in the media, so this is a departure from the norm for me. 

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