Month: July 2011

Are You Making the Right Choices?

Our choices can have huge consequences. Are You Making the Right Choices?

We all make choices, probably too many of them to count every day. Some choices we make have little or no consequences, while others can be life-shattering. In fact, they can be life ending. The news on the weekend was horrific. Coverage mainly involved the tragedy in Norway and the death of Amy Winehouse. Though […]

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Top 20 Minimalist Posts

While Write Change Grow is not a minimalist blog and I am a long way from being a minimalist, particularly one who can count the number of their possessions, I do embrace a lot of the minimalist philosophy. Aspects I wholeheartedly embrace are valuing freedom in its many forms, doing something that you love for […]

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4 Obstacles That Can Ruin Your Day

Don't let these 4 obstacles ruin your day.

Every writer and blogger knows what it’s like to be ‘in the flow’. You sit down, your fingers moving across the keyboard, finding your rhythm. Thoughts and ideas are popping into your mind all over the place. It’s a great feeling. Now if only every single day was like that! When I first started writing as […]

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7 Time Management Tips

Time feel like its flying by? Read the post 7 Time Management Tips for When it Feels Like Time is Flying By.

In the final months of my office job, I turned into a chronic clock watcher because I was unhappy at work. Every hour seemed to stretch out. I was amazed at how slowly each day would go. Now that I am working from home, I seem to have the opposite problem. Time is flying by. […]

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