Do you have a fear of success?

I must admit, I have never really understood the whole ‘fear of success’ thing.

Fear of failure. Sure. That made sense to me because I have experienced this emotion myself. Come to think of it, as a writer/blogger trying to establish myself, I often do battle with this particular culprit.

But fear of success, I just couldn’t get my head around it. I mean who starts a business or a major project and doesn’t want to be successful?

I finally understood the concept (and even related to a few points, much to my surprise) when I read Peter Shallard’s great free eBook Seek and Destroy.  Peter runs an excellent blog called The Shrink for Entrepreneurs.  Do yourself a favor and take a look.

Seek and Destroy is a fabulous eBook based on the top 10 roadblocks that hold back entrepreneurs. Peter discusses how to identify and most importantly overcome these obstacles.

This inspired me to do some searching around the Internet for other people’s interpretations and advice on the fear of success and how to deal with it.

Lifehack – Fear of Flying Facing the Fear of Success

Dumb Little Man – Overcoming the Fear of Success

Tiny Buddha – Overcome the Fear of Success 6 Ways to Start Thriving

While some of these posts are older, I don’t believe that matters because let’s face it, our fears don’t come with use by dates.

Do you suffer from a fear of success?

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