Do you learn from your mistakes? Read the post to ask yourself some important questions when it comes to your mistakes.

We all make mistakes.

While some mistakes are insignificant – others are colossal. Some mistakes change our lives and sometimes the lives of others.

Yet without mistakes, how do we learn and grow?

Mistakes can put us on the right path and show us what we need more of in our lives. They also provide insight into what we need to stop doing. Mistakes can be costly but also add value (though we might not see that at the time).

Mistakes can be frustrating, and inconvenient and lead us to doubt ourselves.

Yet those same mistakes down the road might end up being an important turning point in our lives. Our mistakes can sometimes end up being the best things that ever happened to us.

They might lead us to bigger and better things. Making mistakes can push us to improve ourselves and our performance.

The key is in learning.

Here are some questions on how you feel about mistakes.

When you read each question, pay attention to particular situations that come to mind.

–  Do you acknowledge that you made a mistake in the first place?

–  Do you try to blame someone else for your mistakes or do you take responsibility?

–  Do you apologize for your mistakes?

–  Do you try to fix any of your mistakes?

–  Do you expect other people to fess up to their mistakes?

–  Do you bounce back from your mistakes or do you allow them to cripple you?

–  Do you forgive yourself for your mistakes?

–  Do you forgive other people for theirs?

–  Do you constantly make the same mistakes over and over again?

–  Do you take the time and effort to examine the reasons you repeatedly make the same mistakes?

–  Do you use your mistakes as an excuse for not growing as a person?

–  Do your mistakes hurt or impact anyone?

–  Have your mistakes led you to a wiser, more fulfilled, happier life?

Learn from your mistakes

How do you feel about your mistakes? Now might be the time to make peace with them and use them to grow as a person.

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