I've got an important question for you. Is laziness stopping you from reaching your true potential?

I have an important question for you. Are you lazy?

I realize this isn’t the easiest question to ask yourself. We hardly enjoy putting our flaws under the microscope, but it is important.

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So often we make up elaborate excuses for not going after what we truly want. We bundle laziness in with the fear of failure/fear of success package, making it seem a more acceptable reason for holding ourselves back.

We say we’re just procrastinating and everyone does that right, so how bad can it be?

Yet what if the real reason you are not achieving what you want is that you know it will be hard work and you just can’t be bothered doing the work?

You are too lazy to go after the life you want.

Who wants to admit out loud to themselves that they are not who they want to be because they are lazy?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I used to be quite lazy.

Thankfully personal coaching turned things around for me. Besides coaching, one other factor made me seriously reassess and change my life.

I thought about how I wanted to be remembered.

Not just how other people would remember me, but how I would see myself in my old age. Did I want to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment at the things I had achieved?  Did I want to have a feeling of deep satisfaction or be filled with regret?

Did I want to get to the end of my life and think to myself, “I could have been so many things if I had not been so lazy?”

Was laziness an explanation or excuse I was willing to accept, for a life half-lived?


You have two choices – you can continue to make excuses for why you are not achieving what you want or you can get off the couch and take action.

Did you cringe a little reading this post?  If this post seemed pushy and ticked you off – then that’s good.  It hit a nerve. Now it’s time for you to do something about it.

How do you want to be remembered? The choice is up to you.

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