It's all about self-love. Take the 100 Reasons You Love Yourself Challenge.

Today I wanted to talk about Luinae McAnish a 15 year old blogger.  Her blog Slam focuses on empowered living for today’s teenagers.

While her blog might be aimed primarily at teenagers, it contains a lot of clever, insightful advice and ideas.

When I found her blog, I sat and read quite a few of her posts. The post that jumped out at me the most was 100 Reasons I am Deliciously & Delectably in Love with Myself.

In the post, Luinae lists 100 reasons why she loves herself.  She covers things from loving her curly hair, to being a fantastic dancer to loving her knowledge of politics.

I thought her list was fantastic! For starters, it’s wonderful to see a teenager with such a positive self-image.

This led me to asking an important question.

How many adults could name 100 reasons they love themselves?

Unfortunately as we get older we tend to become more judgmental, particularly of ourselves. We scrutinise what we perceive to be our flaws and pick ourselves to pieces. We tend to be quicker at finding reasons to berate and dislike ourselves rather than loving ourselves.

Our appearance is just one area where we pick ourselves apart.  We are mean to ourselves, we don’t treat ourselves with respect and we put ourselves down.  Hardly loving behaviour!

I have decided to take Luinae’s inspiration and run with it and I think you should too.

So I am setting you homework – write your own list of 100 reasons you love yourself

You don’t have to share your list with anyone, this is all about you and for you.

If you struggle to come up with 100 at first, that’s ok – keep digging (I didn’t get 100 the first time either, I had to come back to it, relax a bit and stop being so damn hard on myself). Take your time. This exercise is solely about uncovering the things you love about yourself.

Remember you need to be genuine.  No making stuff up to reach 100. This isn’t about bragging either. Bragging is a completely different beast.

You have to believe in your list – just like you need to believe in yourself.

Let go of your negativity, fears and insecurities. It’s time to love who you are right now. Not who you want to be down the track once you fix a few things – but the wonderful person you are right at this moment!

So hop to it, what are you waiting for?

What are your 100 reasons? I know you are up to the challenge.

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Note – Unfortunately Luinae shut down her blog, so I had to take out the links.