Winner. Loser. Success. Failure. All words that bring on strong emotions. Read the post - Do you consider yourself a winner?

Recently I read a book called  ‘The Winner’s Bible’ by Dr. Kerry Spackman.

While I found the book interesting, the books biggest impact was an important question I found myself asking.

Do you consider yourself a winner?

If you ask yourself the same question and your answer is not a resounding  ‘Yes’ – here are some thoughts you might like to consider.

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Define winner on your own terms

All too often, we let society define our definition of being a winner. We let other people define our version of success.

A common theme tends to revolve around material possessions. Money for many is a key factor. Picture the expensive car, large fancy house, high paid career.

Then, of course, there is the way we look and our status in life. We assume the aim is to have the perfect body and be happily married with gorgeous children.

Yet the truth is not everyone wants these things or sees them as a measure of success.

Don’t feel pressured into taking on someone else’s version of success.

Define being a winner on your own terms and live your life with gusto and passion.

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Realize it’s a mindset

Understand that whatever you believe is where you could be guiding yourself (whether you realize it or not).

If you don’t think you are a winner, don’t believe in yourself, or don’t believe you deserve to be a success – you may find yourself making bad choices about your future.

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Consider your achievements

Sometimes we get so caught up in chasing something, we fail to recognize our accomplishments along the way.

Instead, celebrate and enjoy the journey. Pat yourself on the back for how far you have already come.

Run your own race

Competition is a reality of life. We compete for jobs, partners, and much more.

We look at someone else and notice they are prettier, smarter, or younger (pick your poison). We compare ourselves to other people. We worry about what other people think of us, amid all of this comparison. 

What we forget along the way is that the opinion we have of ourselves is the most important. Stop the self-torture. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

Rejoice in your own unique self.

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Winner or Loser?

I don’t like the word loser. It’s such a negatively charged word. I dislike hearing anyone being called a loser.

The meaning of the two words swings from one extreme to another. They appear as opposites, like black and white. People sometimes get labeled one or the other. Life, however, is not so black and white.

There are shades of grey and a rainbow of colors in between.

The truth is sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. The ultimate winner is the one who gets back up and keeps on trying until they reach their version of success.

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