Depending on your unique situation changing jobs can be challenging, exciting or both. Read 5 Things to Consider When Changing Jobs.

Changing jobs can be an interesting time.

For people who have been with their company for a long time, change can sometimes be more challenging.

We may find ourselves welcoming our new opportunity, yet struggling to fully let go of our current situation.

This week one of my work colleagues is leaving after roughly 3 years with the company.

She’s moving onto a more senior position. Her new management role will involve more responsibility, greater challenges, and a higher salary. Though excited, she’s a little nervous about making the move.

Despite the excitement that comes with embracing change, we can sometimes feel apprehensive about taking the leap.

Here are some things to consider and come to terms with when changing jobs.

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Saying goodbye to friends

Often it is the people that we work with that we will miss the most. People become close friends outside of work as well as our work colleagues.

Saying goodbye to these friends can be an emotional time.

Often the friends that we see socially outside of the office, will continue to be part of our lives.

Be prepared, however, that some of your relationships may change. Some, in fact, will not endure the transition.

Do your best to maintain the friendships that are important to you.

Of course, as much as we enjoy the company of our close friends at work, we can’t base our career decisions around them. People take promotions, change jobs, get made redundant, choose different careers completely and so on.

Ultimately they will move on, in some form or another so you need to do what is right for you.

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Coming to terms with the unknown

The hardest thing about changing jobs is walking into the unknown.

This can make us understandably nervous. There’s always the fear that our new job won’t quite stack up to our expectations.

You also need to understand that your new role may actually surpass your expectations and open you up to fantastic opportunities for learning and personal development.

It’s important to do your homework before taking the position. Learn as much about the company and role as possible.

Once you have made your decision and taken the leap, then stay positive.

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Accept there will be a time of transition

Accept you will be the new girl (or boy).

Generally, you will need to start from scratch. Learning about your new role, and getting to know your new work colleagues  –  it all takes time.

Accept that you will be out of your comfort zone and consequently may be feeling quite, well…uncomfortable.

Some companies throw their employees into the deep end as soon as they start. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do if this happens to you. Take a deep breath and do your best. Try to take in and learn as much as possible.

If you do find yourself in this situation, try to factor in as much rest and relaxation in your personal time as you can muster, to counteract the onslaught.

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Remember your end game

If your emotions are running high on your last days, remember the big picture. Focus on the reasons you are leaving in the first place.

Focus on the positive benefits of your new position.

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Give yourself a break

Where possible, try to have some downtime between leaving your old job and starting your new one.

Where possible, take some time to decompress.

Step back from your former position and company and relax. Don’t worry about what is happening back at the office. Whether we like to admit it or not, life at the office will continue to go on as planned. Instead, focus on the exciting new opportunities coming your way.

Enjoy the excitement of changing jobs and starting a new role. Hit the ground running and show them what you got.

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