Are you getting in your own way? Sabotaging your progress and success? Read 4 tips to get out of your own way to help get you moving again.

It’s time to get out of your own way.

Here’s a question for you. Who is to blame for you not achieving your dreams and goals? Your family? Your boss? Your partner? Surely there has to be someone?

Follow these instructions. Walk over and stand in front of a mirror. There is the culprit – looking back at you. The person getting in your way.


All too often we become our own worst enemies. We procrastinate, we self-sabotage, and sometimes we are just plain mean to ourselves.

Here are four tips to get out of your own way.

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Watch the self-talk

Have you ever really noticed the things you say to yourself inside your head (where thankfully no one else can hear them)?

Many horrible things we say to ourselves, we would never, never consider saying to our best friend.

When I first started working with a coach, this was one of the first issues she asked me to examine.

Honestly, I was shocked. Once I started listening to my internal dialogue, I was amazed at how many negative (and sometimes nasty) thoughts were flying around my brain about myself at any point in time.

Once you start listening, then it is time to start modifying your thought behavior. Once you are aware of something, you can work towards changing it.

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Stop worrying about things that haven’t happened

This can be hard. I’m guilty of this one myself at times.

When we are feeling tired, sick, overwhelmed, or vulnerable – it can be all too easy to let the gremlins of worry out to ponder on the multitude of things that could go wrong.

Worrying and the fear that worry can manifest is a major reasons people get and stay stuck. We start drowning under the weight of awful ‘what if’ scenarios.

Life can be hard enough as it is. There are plenty of things that actually happen to us that we need to deal with.

Save your energy for those, and leave the imagined worries alone.

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Be realistic about your current situation

Are you drowning in debt, yet still maxing your credit card to the hilt in shopping sprees you can not afford? Are you in a terrible relationship but hoping things simply get better?

Whatever your situation, acknowledge where you are at this exact moment in your life. Not where you want to be if only someone or something would come along and save the day for you.  

Take off the rose-colored glasses and genuinely examine your situation. 

Don’t like what you see? Then it’s time to implement some real and lasting changes.

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Stop being lazy

OK to some that may sound a bit harsh.

To people who are working their butts off chasing their dreams, feel free to ignore this one. You are already doing the heavy lifting.

For the people who are allowing laziness to hold them back from their true potential, now is the time you really need to think about what you want. You need to think about who you want to be. How do you want to be remembered?  How do you see yourself?

You have one life. This is it! It’s time to get out of your own way and seize life with both hands.

I’m currently reading a brilliant book, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. I’ve seen lots of people raving about this book online and now I understand why! It’s a great read and really gets you thinking and taking action.

Grab a copy for yourself, it’s the perfect way to stop getting in your own way.

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