Month: November 2010

My Personal Mantra

Do you have a personal mantra? Read Why You Need a Personal Mantra?

I have a question for you. Do you have a personal mantra? After returning to my full-time personal assistant role, I had a lot less free time on my hands than when I was working for myself. Working full time and blogging on the side, meant I had to do some serious thinking about how […]

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The Importance of Finishing

Why finishing what you start is powerful.

Imagine if everything you started, you never finished.  Can you picture what complete chaos your life would be? As I mentioned in an earlier post, simply having a great idea is not enough.  You have to take action. But then what?  Is taking action enough? Well not exactly. You have to  follow through until the task is completed. […]

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Self Promotion for Non-Braggers

Taught not to brag growing up? Have trouble with self-promotion? Read Self-Promotion for Non-Braggers.

Growing up, I was taught bragging was bad. So how does someone who was taught not to brag or for that matter, talk too much about themselves suddenly become good at self-promotion? First up we have to get ourselves in the right mindset. We need to understand that bragging and self-promotion are different things. I’m sure […]

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Changing Jobs

Changing jobs can be an interesting time. For people who have been with their company for a long time, change can sometimes be more challenging. We may find ourselves welcoming our new opportunity, yet struggling to fully let go of our current situation. This week one of my work colleagues is leaving after roughly 3 years […]

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