What Stops Us From Pursuing Our Dreams?

Whether it’s staying in a job we dislike, an industry that bores us to tears, or a relationship that doesn’t make us happy, there can be a multitude of reasons why we choose not to pursue our dreams.

In this post, I wanted to run through some reasons for not pursuing our dreams.

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Let’s dive in. 

We don’t have enough money

We may have mortgages, spouses, and children to support. We have financial commitments and responsibilities.

We can not afford the cash to start a new venture, to educate ourselves in a new profession, or to follow whatever path leads us to what we want.

We are afraid we won’t make enough money

We worry we won’t be able to pay for the roof over our heads and put food on our table. We worry that we won’t make enough money to support ourselves and our current lifestyle.

We are scared of change

We might have the money, we might have the experience, we might have everything we need except we don’t want to deal with a big change in life.

We might be scared of change. 

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We are scared of failure

It would be impossible to know how many great businesses or ideas never got off the ground simply because people were just too scared of starting and failing.

We feel safe in our comfort zone

Our comfort zone can feel like a very safe place. The comfort zone sees us with regular incomes and traditional processes for going about our days.

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We think our family will not approve

Our family may say we are being silly, irresponsible, or unrealistic. Their opinions can stop us from pursuing our dreams. If we let it, their opinions can stop us in our tracks.

We don’t know what our passion is

Some people may have not yet discovered their passion. They may have interests they love and are passionate about but perhaps not enough to forge ahead.

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We know it will be hard work

And most likely it will be. If you are starting your own business. you will have to work hard. The hours will most likely be long. Starting a new job can be a similar experience, trying to prove yourself to your new employer.

There is too much competition

If you want to be a singer, actor, dancer, or writer you will be up against a LOT of other people all chasing the same dream who may be more talented than you.

With that thought in mind, a lot of people don’t even try.

We don’t want it badly enough

When it all comes down to it, you don’t really want your big dream. Maybe it’s the idea that is more attractive (like being rich and famous for example) or how it looks on paper.

It might even be about how it makes you sound to other people.

We think we are too old or too young

This is a common one. Particularly when it comes to the second option – being too old. You hear people say, at your age you can’t possibly think of doing that?

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We tell ourselves we will do it LATER

Are you a procrastinator? If that is the case, later could be one of your favorite words.

The problem with putting things off till later is that they often do not happen at all. I think this one can be particularly dangerous.

Before we know it we end up with a life of would have, should have, could have.

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The answers to the above situations

I could add a lot more fears, reasons, or excuses (depending on what you want to call them) to this list. If we let it, this list could be endless.

Did you notice I didn’t provide answers? Originally that was my plan, to state the concern that was holding us back and then to supply a remedy for each one.

What I realized however is that the answer is different for each of us. The answers are as individual as we are.

Can you relate to any of these? Do you feel a deep resonance with any of them?  Did any of them tug at your insides?

Did any of them make you think, that is me? That is what I tell myself. That is what I have been telling myself for years.

Don’t get me wrong, many of the concerns above are valid. Some naturally are easier to overcome than others. What we need to understand is what our triggers are. The demons that hold us back from doing what we want.

This leads us back to my opening sentence. To the pivotal word that hides easily but holds the secret. Why do we choose not to follow our dreams?

We choose to pursue our dreams or not.  We make it a choice. Make your choices count!

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