Are You Being Consistent or is your productivity all over the place?

Yesterday was a lovely Spring Sunday. I spent a substantial amount of time planning and writing blog posts for the coming week.

Yet the day before was a completely different story. On Saturday, I looked at the tasks on my to-do list and was overcome by that heavy, sinking feeling of being completely overwhelmed.

It seemed everywhere I turned there was something to start, a job that was overdue or a task that needed to be finished, which got me thinking – how did I get to this point?

After some thought, I realized what the problem was.

I wasn’t being consistent.

Here are the areas I need to focus on. Perhaps they can help with your consistency as well.

Maintaining my energy levels by having a steady work schedule

I have been working hard at the office as well as at home. However despite this, tasks are beginning to fall between the cracks because I am not being consistent in the way I go about my work.

I’ll give you an example. I do a whole bunch of tasks one day, staying up late, then nothing for two days after that, then I repeat the process, all the while trying to tick off a massive to-do list.

Instead of working a couple of solid, focused hours each day, my work schedule seems to be all over the place.

Since I have been back at work, I have been running on irregular bursts of energy. I work like crazy, then I seem to slow down and sometimes come to a screeching halt. Then I pick myself up and the burst of energy starts all over again.

The problem with this cycle of working is that it is unsustainable.

Eventually you will fall into a screaming heap. I’m not at that point yet, but I am certainly sensing trouble brewing if I continue on this path.

Instead what I need is a gradual but continuous stream of energy, so I don’t burn myself out.

If I spread the workload out evenly over several days, allowing myself a small amount of allocated downtime, it will not be as taxing.

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Be consistent in dealing with problems

I have had a lot of outside distractions lately. Unfortunately a lot of them have been negative.

At some point and I am not really sure when or how, I allowed my problems to get on top of me – or at least that’s how I have felt of late.

I was starting to feel the strain because I was trying to deal with everything at once or on the odd occasion not wanting to deal with anything at all.

Then I decided to try to tackle each problem one at a time (to spread them out so to speak). Not exactly an easy task, as life rarely throws one problem at us at a time.  I decided to focus on my most pressing issue, fix that and move on to the next one.  So far, I have found that it’s definitely helping with my overall stress levels.

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Regular housework and home maintenance

You may wonder how this can affect my writing and blogging schedule but lately it has been.

Again at the beginning of the week, I cook myself healthy meals, clean up, then get to writing.  By the end of the week the tiredness has set in, the dishes are piling up and I am grabbing take away for dinner.

By Saturday morning, my house is a total mess – which does not put me in a good head space for writing all day Saturday.

If I put my writing aside for fifteen minutes and do a small amount of cleaning up each time I make a mess, life will be a lot easier.

Have a doable ‘to do’ list.

Unfortunately that is one thing I have been consistent with lately – writing up long, impossible to complete to-do lists.

I wasn’t doing this (or at least not as badly) while I had my time off. I notice I seem to be jotting down random dot points for my to-do list while I am at work during the day. The end result however is a list I could not possibly complete.

It goes without saying, I need to cull these lists and then focus on the important tasks and get those done.

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Plan to have enough down time 

I can’t remember the last time I took the whole weekend off (actually it was my Mum’s 70th birthday back in early August).

While working a lot of hours sounds like it would be productive, it’s actually having the opposite affect. If I plan more down time to recharge my batteries, while ensuring I get the important work done (emphasis on the word important),  I’m sure I would get a lot more completed and overall be more productive.

Being consistent is important. It’s about focusing on your priorities and making sure they get done on a regular basis. 

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