Month: October 2010

Wanted: Strong Single Writer

Thoughts from a single blogger and writer.

Years ago I read the book “Wannabe a Writer?” by Jane Wenham-Jones. Jane is primarily a fiction writer, though she also writes non-fiction. I loved the book and would definitely recommend it. In the money section of the book, Jane mentions how during one particular interview she was asked for her hottest writing tip. Her […]

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Are You Being Consistent?

Yesterday was a lovely Spring Sunday. I spent a substantial amount of time planning and writing blog posts for the coming week. Yet the day before was a completely different story. On Saturday, I looked at the tasks on my to-do list and was overcome by that heavy, sinking feeling of being completely overwhelmed. It […]

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Friends And Money

Do your friends have more money than you? Do you find yourself on a different financial path to your friends? Read what to do when your friends have more money than you.

I’m currently on a strict budget and have stripped my life of buying things I don’t need or really want. What’s interesting is that at the moment most of my friends are heading in the opposite financial direction to me. Many are getting higher paying jobs, bigger houses, more expensive cars (one of my friends […]

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