7 Mistakes New Bloggers Make. Are you making any of these?

We all make mistakes particularly when we first start blogging.

Here are 7 mistakes made by new bloggers (and some established ones) alike.

Bad blog design

Naturally, what defines a bad design may be a matter of personal choice. From my personal perspective, here are some thoughts to consider.

  • Too much clutter. Obviously, this varies. Lovers of minimalist style blogs (and lots of white space) may think your average blog design looks too cluttered. In general, too much clutter refers to anything that comes across as messy and disorganized.
  • Bad use of color. Some colors are simply hard on the eyes. Fluorescent colors (particularly in large blocks) are one example.
  • Too many Pop-ups. While pop-ups are effective and here to stay, I have noticed that some blogs have too many of them. They have a pop-up for their opt-in, one for social media signups, one for the GDPR acceptance and sometimes even a pop-up ad at the bottom of the screen. It’s too many pop-ups at once.
  • Text too small and difficult to read. Small fonts, fancy fonts or certain light font text colors can make the blog hard to read.
  • Dark backgrounds. Personally, I’m not a fan of black backgrounds. Don’t get me wrong, some black backgrounds when designed correctly can be visually stunning. I have seen some amazing dark colored websites and blogs. The key is they must be easy to read. Your blog, Facebook, Twitter profile (or whatever you are using to promote yourself) must be easy to read.

Huge blocks of text

Trying to read through huge blocks of text (particularly with a small font) can be particularly tiring on the eyes.

Your blog needs to be scannable.

Space the text out (without going stupid). Break up larger paragraphs into bite-size chunks.

Not blogging consistently

I am actually guilty of this one.

When I originally started my blog, the plan was to blog 5 days a week Monday to Friday.

A quick look through my archives will show that didn’t quite happen. I’m currently working on bringing more posting consistency to my blog.

Going off topic

If you have a blog about making money online, your readers may find it a bit off-putting if you start publishing posts on breeding Persian cats.

Okay so that was a far-fetched example but hopefully, it makes my point. 

If you suddenly start consistently writing about topics of little or no interest to your established readers you will no doubt lose a number of them, not to mention probably get some interesting comments left on your posts.

Not regularly promoting your blog

Again I am guilty of this one myself.

One thing I have learned is that if you have a new blog (or an old one for that matter), you must promote your blog every day.

Figuring the best and most effective way of promoting your blog is the interesting part.

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Throwing in the towel too early

Every blogger at some point hears stories of the lucky blogger who brings in thousands of subscribers in a couple of weeks. They do exist.

Everyone wants that to happen to their blog.

Chances are however unless you are already connected in the blogging world this probably won’t happen.

Also, it wasn’t simply luck that bought in those subscribers. It was hard work. Most likely LOTS of hard work.  Therefore you need to stick it out.

You should be looking at blogging as a long-term endeavor, not a quick overnight fix.

Lack of Good Content

It goes without saying you need great content that appeals to your target audience.

A lot has been written about writing great content. Here are a few posts from some of the best on the subject.

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Are you guilty of any of these mistakes? The good news is they are easy to fix.

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