The Importance of Taking Short Breaks During the Day

The focus for this post is the importance of taking short breaks during your working day.

For someone like myself, who suffers from neck and shoulder pain taking short breaks from my desk during the day is essential.

If I don’t have regular breaks, I end up visiting my chiropractor more often than I would like. 

As much as he’s a great guy, I think catching up every 3 weeks is more than enough. If left unchecked, the neck pain results in a terrible headache, bordering on a migraine. The last one of these headaches had me off work for two and a half days.

I am a walking advertisement for the health advantages of taking short breaks.

In a perfect world I would be stretching and doing neck exercises in my break. In reality I am more likely to walk downstairs to make a cup of tea or spend some time patting the cat (not to be underestimated as the health benefits of having a pet have been well documented).

On a lovely day, I may even sit out in the courtyard and relax in the sun for a few minutes.

The key is making sure you quickly get back into (or even stay in) the flow of whatever project you are working on.

Don’t break for too long.

I thought I would have a look to see what others are doing on their breaks.

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Do you take short breaks during your busy day?  If so, do you have a preferred way to quickly relax or recharge?

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