Sometimes we miss the most amazing things because we overlook them or see them so often. Open your eyes and take another look.

A funny thing happened to me when I visited Sydney recently. I noticed a church – St Andrew’s Cathedral to be exact.

Was it a new church? Hardly! St Andrew’s was built in 1886 and renovated during 1999 – 2000.

Having lived in Sydney for ten years I would have walked past this particular cathedral an embarrassingly large number of times on my way to the cinemas on George Street.

So why did I suddenly notice it?

My eyes have been opened.

My passion for travel has played a significant role in my slow burning awakening.

Before I went to Europe for the first time, I didn’t notice architecture, let alone appreciate it.

Now I see the different styles used in a building. I think of the work that went into the building’s construction, the people who toiled to make it a reality.

Traveling to Europe also started a fascination for European history.

You find yourself looking at buildings more closely when you know the history behind them. They don’t have to be old to be fascinating or beautiful, a modern glass and concrete structure can have its own tale to tell.

Occasionally, we are all guilty of taking for granted some of the amazing things we see every day – for that very fact.  We see them every day.

Traveling puts me in the mindset for discovery and adventure. So much so that my sense of exploration continues once I get home.

Try it after your next holiday. Treat your hometown, like a new town you just arrived in.

Go on a mission of discovery

I am sure the key reason I’m more aware of my surroundings now is my passion for writing.

I noticed the cathedral while I was standing outside a dress shop, jotting down thoughts in my notebook. It was raining heavily and I glanced up to see the cathedral shining majestically in the downpour.

It might not be a church you suddenly notice. It may be a garden, a local park, even a beautiful old train platform that you look at all the time, but don’t really SEE.

Open your eyes. You might be surprised what you find right on your doorstep.

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