Month: June 2010

Taking Short Breaks During the Day

The Importance of Taking Short Breaks During the Day

The focus for this post is the importance of taking short breaks during your working day. For someone like myself, who suffers from neck and shoulder pain taking short breaks from my desk during the day is essential. If I don’t have regular breaks, I end up visiting my chiropractor more often than I would like.  […]

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Open Your Eyes

Sometimes we miss the most amazing things because we overlook them or see them so often. Open your eyes and take another look.

A funny thing happened to me when I visited Sydney recently. I noticed a church – St Andrew’s Cathedral to be exact. Was it a new church? Hardly! St Andrew’s was built in 1886 and renovated during 1999 – 2000. Having lived in Sydney for ten years I would have walked past this particular cathedral an […]

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