Tips on Staying Motivated (By Someone Who Wasn't)

Recently I sat down at my laptop to write. I had my day planned out. I knew what had to be done.

So what did I do? Nada, nothing, zero!

I guess you could call it a procrastinating lapse. It was however a bit more complicated than just procrastination. I had no motivation. No enthusiasm. In a nutshell I did no work at all that day.

So what did I do after several attempts at trying to get some work done?

I gave up and took the day off. 

Humm… probably not the outcome you were expecting. It wasn’t what I had expected either.

To make up for it (or at least try to) I did work Sunday and Monday (which was a public holiday here).

Knowing full well I’m not the only person who occasionally has this issue, I thought I would see what advice was on offer for staying motivated despite feeling anything but.

I’m sure these tips will come in very handy next time.

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Entrepreneurs Journey – How to remain productive when you feel like giving up

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Zen Habits – 16 Ways to get motivated when you are in a slump

Daily Writing Tips – Seven things to do when you don’t feel like writing

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I think my favorite one comes from Brian Clark over at Copyblogger. He sums it up perfectly.

Copyblogger – Become a better writer

I hope these links can help you be productive and motivated.

It’s important to remember that some days, it’s okay to take some time off as well.

Stay productive.

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