Month: April 2010

Tips on Staying Motivated

Tips on Staying Motivated (By Someone Who Wasn't)

Recently I sat down at my laptop to write. I had my day planned out. I knew what had to be done. So what did I do? Nada, nothing, zero! I guess you could call it a procrastinating lapse. It was however a bit more complicated than just procrastination. I had no motivation. No enthusiasm. In a nutshell […]

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How to Deal with Social Structures at Work

How to Deal with Social Cliques at Work

Are you happy with the company you work for, yet find yourself having a few problems with your fellow employees? Do you find yourself having to deal with social cliques at work? Employees can form tight-knit social cliques at the office, and whether they realize it or not other people can feel excluded or disadvantaged by these social cliques. […]

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