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Planning on taking that trip to Europe next year?  Unless you plan on facing a wall of credit card debt when you get back or you have buckets of money at your disposal, you are going to have to save some cash for your trip.

Personally I would not recommend the mountain of debt option! It can be incredibly hard to get out from under debt and get your finances back on track.

Maybe it’s not a trip to Europe. It might be renovations on your home, or starting your own business.

No matter what you are saving for, you will need to compromise and make sacrifices to achieve your goal.

Is this a post on how to budget? No. There are plenty of banking and finance websites that provide that information. This post is about the determination you need to make the sacrifices required to achieve your goal.

Here are my thoughts on making sacrifices to achieve your goals.

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Accept that you will have to make sacrifices

The media often tries to sell us on the idea of having it all. They want us to think that we can achieve anything we want without having to make any sacrifices.

Generally speaking this is not the case, especially when it comes to money. We can’t have all the things, all the time.

Sacrifices and compromise are a part of life. Sometimes they may be small sacrifices (which have little impact on our lives), while others may be more substantial.

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Decide what it is you really want

First up, you need to know what you really want. Not what you think you want but what you actually want. You need clarity on what’s important to you.

It will be harder (if not impossible) to stay on course if your end goal, in your own mind, is not worth making any sacrifices for.

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Decide what is worth sacrificing for

I’m a passionate traveler. At work I was known for the girl who was always planning her next trip. I was always being asked where I was going next. When news got around the office that I was taking six months leave from work, everyone assumed I was off on another great overseas adventure.

To take six months leave without pay to have the opportunity to write full time, I had to put any travel plans on the back burner. Not travelling has been a big sacrifice. Knocking back trips away with friends has been hard. Some days I swear I can feel my feet itching to get on a plane!

Travel has always been something I am willing to make sacrifices for. That was temporarily replaced by an even bigger goal.

A book to help with your self-disciplineThe Power of Discipline: How to Use Self-Control and Mental Toughness to Achieve Your Goals by Daniel Walter.

Stay determined

Were there times I wanted to give up? Hell yes! I remember one moment in particular. One weekend I was tired from working 7 days straight on a project to meet the deadline. I started fantasizing about where I could travel with the money I had already saved. Having taken 8 months off to travel after being made redundant years earlier, I knew where I could go and just how long the money would last depending on which countries I visited. I figured I would be able to stretch my trip out to roughly a year.

A year traveling overseas with no need to work, I was tempted. For about 5 minutes (okay maybe 10). Then I realized I would not get the chance to write full time if I blew all of my cash on an around the world trip. I wanted to be a writer more than I wanted to travel. So I kept saving.

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Understand some sacrifices are much harder than others

The other sacrifice you may be faced with can be a lot more challenging than issues concerning money.

Most likely you will have to make sacrifices with your time.

More to the point, you might have to sacrifice spending time with people who are important to you. I’m sure we all know people who have an amazing career but have sacrificed time with their family to achieve it.

If you have a family and children, particularly if you also have older parents to take care of, this can be a huge concern.

Trying to achieve your goals without neglecting people in any way is not an easy task.

In my case, this meant working weekends while I was still working full time and saving. This left a lot less time for catching up with friends and family.

I turned down a lot of dinners and nights out with friends. While I still caught up with my close friends (there are lots of things you can do on a budget even a strict one) I didn’t see them as much as I would like. I am sure my friends got sick of hearing me say I couldn’t afford to go out.

A while back a friend of mine returned from living in London. At that stage, I was so wrapped up in writing and saving, I saw here about a month after her return and again sometime later. I was completely shocked when she mentioned she had been back 4 months and this was only the second time I’d seen her. My original plan was to spend a lot of time with her when she got back. I had missed her a lot while she was overseas and yet I failed miserably to make her a priority once she came home. Unfortunately, our friendship never got back on track.

Only you can decide what sacrifices you are willing to make to achieve your goals. We all have to make choices, compromises and sacrifices. Choose how you spend your time and money wisely.

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