Discover the power of coaching for yourself.

I first started coaching in 2006.  My main driver was to finish a writing course that I had started overseas.

I had several reasons for wanting to work with a coach. Here’s a short list of what I was hoping to get out of coaching (in no particular order).

  • Accountability
  • To improve my motivation and discipline
  • Assistance with planning and scheduling work
  • Help overcoming hurdles and obstacles

Coaching has been a valuable resource for me. Here are my thoughts on the benefits of coaching.

They are someone you can trust

My coach Linda and I hit it off straight away. For one we are both passionate travelers, so we had something in common right off the bat.

Though I initially had some small concerns regarding how effective coaching over the phone would be, those concerns were put to rest by the end of our first coaching session.

Like any relationship having a sense of trust is important. Even if business is your primary source of discussion, at some point there will be a crossover into your personal life since coaching tends to work best on a holistic level.

They ask a lot of questions (sometimes hard questions)

A good coach knows how to ask the right questions. 

Often they are the same questions that are rolling around in your own head. Questions and answers can sometimes unlock your greatest fears. While we may have a lot of thoughts rolling around up there, when we verbalize our thoughts out loud to another person, it can have a huge impact.

Often when something was worrying or upsetting me, as soon as I said the response out loud to my coach, I would already know what the problem (and often the answer) was.

Coaches fundamentally don’t tell you want to do, they give you advice on the best way forward. More importantly, they make you think for yourself so that you can make the right decision.

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They are on your side

When you are taking action to make changes in your life, sometimes family and friends, despite their best efforts, may not be supportive.

The truth is, whether they mean to or not, sometimes they can come across as discouraging and negative. Perhaps they may be completely against the changes you are working so hard to make.

Your coach however is on your side, your own personal cheer squad.  When you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed, that can make a world of difference.

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They push you

Perhaps encourage would be a better word.

Take that back, a big old push is sometimes what’s required.

You don’t want a coach bossing you around  to get things done (family and work can provide enough of that sort of behavior), neither do you want them being too soft on you either.  A great coach applies just the right balance based on the needs of each individual client.

When you need a kick up the butt they are there to do it; the same goes with giving out well deserved praise.

Coaching was by far the best investment I have ever made for myself. If you are thinking about working with a coach, I highly recommend the power of coaching.

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