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55 Affirmations for Self-Worth – Boosting Self-Worth With Affirmations

affirmations for self-worth

I have always loved a good inspirational quote (which you can see by the variety of quote posts here on Write Change Grow). But I haven’t always been a big fan of affirmations. Until now. These 55 affirmations for self-worth have me looking at affirmations in a new light. I believe the power of affirmations […]

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Finding Peace After a Toxic Relationship – How to Find the Peace You Deserve

finding peace after a toxic relationship

Toxic relationships can leave us feeling drained, insecure, and raw. Even when we are pleased to be out of a toxic relationship, we can still be left feeling vulnerable, lost, and unsure of ourselves. Finding peace after a toxic relationship takes work and a considerable investment in ourselves. But taking the time to work on […]

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