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It’s that time again folks! Another month is over. Okay well almost, I admit I jumped the gun by one day this month.

What gems do I have in store for you?  Let’s get stuck in and have a look.


Elizabeth Barone – How to Design an EBook Cover: A Tutorial for Independent Authors

Considering I am working on my first eBook as we speak, this interesting and informative post was well timed.  I realise I have a lot to learn in this area.  This post was a great first step in the right direction.

Prolific Living – How to Treat Your Blog as a Business Not a Hobby

I mention Prolific Living and its writer Farnoosh Brock quite regularly here on Write Change Grow.  I mention Farnoosh regularly for a very good reason, she is a fabulous blogger.

This particular post resonated with me and definitely got me asking some important questions about my own blog.

It is a must read for bloggers. I will be going back and reading over this post again myself, just to make sure everything sinks in.

Writing Happiness – How to Survive Your First Year of Blogging

This post by Marya caught my attention because I just celebrated my blog’s 2nd birthday.  If you missed my celebration post click here to watch the 3 super quick videos I made for the event.

Aliventures – 25 Ways to Come up with Great Ideas for Your Writing

Ali Luke is a great writer and this post is packed with ideas and inspiration. Let’s face it; a writer can never get enough of those!


The Change Blog – Changing Your Body Image

A great guest post (with a very important message) written by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt.  You can also check out Anne-Sophie at her blog My Intercontinental Life.

It Starts With – I is for Integrity.

Excellent post by Sarah Kathleen Peck.

The picture sums it up.   Change is inevitable – Growth is Optional – Choose Wisely.

The Possibility of Today – 11 Things You Really Want to Stop Doing Today

This post by Sibyl Chavis got me thinking.  You can use the concept of the ‘stop doing’ list and take it up a notch.  Do up your own personal list that applies specifically to you.

Life After Tampons – A Word on Fear: Let’s Not Talk Prudence While Practicing Evasion

This is another new find.  I heard Jennifer Boykin’s name mentioned several times around the Internet recently and decided to check out her blog.  I’m looking forward to exploring the rest of her great content.


Tiny Buddha – Feeling Love Outside of a Relationship

I was touched by Linnaea Bohn’s post on her search for true love.  She found love, just not quite the type she was expecting.

Becoming Minimalist – 35 Things I Hope My Kids will Say about Their Dad

If you are a regular reader of my Write Change Grow Facebook page, you might have spotted this post by Joshua Becker already.

Even though I don’t have kids myself, I was blown away by this post. I think it is something every parent should read.

To be honest, it’s a post I wish my Dad could have read when I was younger.  My Dad was of the generation where being the family provider was considered all a father needed to do.  In fact he was a great provider; I just wish Dad had known more of the stuff Joshua talks about in this post.

a2a Coaching – Could you find gratitude in your darkest hour?

This post is by Linda Anderson (my wonderful coach who I sometimes refer to on this blog).

Finding gratitude when everything is going well is fairly easy or at least it should be. Finding gratitude when you hit rock bottom is something completely different and takes a mountain of strength and courage. I was touched by this moving story.

Christine Kane – The 7 Laws of Awareness that Make (or Break) Success

Christine is pretty much a new find.  A couple of blogs that I read regularly have mentioned her lately, so it was high time I checked her out.  I’m glad I did.  I will definitely be back for more.

I hope you enjoyed my picks this month.

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