How to Improve Your Consistency with an Editorial Calendar

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I recently installed the Editorial Calendar for WordPress on Write Change Grow.

This plugin enables you to take charge of the editorial calendar for your blog. You can view what date and time you published existing posts and schedule upcoming ones.

Though I haven’t discovered everything this great plugin can do yet, one of its key functions has been very enlightening.

I used the calendar yesterday to review the days for all of my published posts from the beginning of my blog in February 2010 till the present moment.

I have to say the outcome was a bit of a shock.

Back in October 2010, I wrote a post asking my readers – Are you being consistent?

It turns out consistency has been one important element lacking in my own blog.

When I first started blogging, my plan was to write every day Monday – Friday. I later revised this schedule and decided it was more practical to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Though I realised I had been inconsistent with how often I posted, until I installed the Editorial Calendar I had no idea just how inconsistent I had been with my publishing schedule.  To my horror, the calendar revealed I had missed posting for a whole month back in 2010.

Quite the eye opener.

Research over the weekend revealed two excellent posts on the subject of editorial calendars.

Copyblogger – The Easy to Use Tool that Helps You Build a Breakthrough Blog

Search Engine Watch – How to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar

The post by Search Engine Watch has a slightly different slant.  Though it talks about the Editorial Calendar for WordPress, it highlights having a social media calendar for your blog.

On a side note:  I discovered the Search Engine Watch post in the weekly edition of The Lede by Copyblogger.  If you aren’t already a reader, I strongly suggest you take a look.  These posts are always full of great links and information.

If you are a blogger I suggest you have a look at your publishing consistency.

Non bloggers don’t get off the hook either.

While you can’t download the plugin, you could use an ordinary calendar to do a bit of consistency checking. Pick something that you think you do on a regular basis and then check a calendar for the facts on how consistent you really are.

A calendar where you get a good overview of the year is an excellent choice. I have a large yearly planner up on my wall so that I can clearly view each month, as well as the entire year.  Yes I admit it’s old school but nevertheless a brilliant planning tool.

Back to your calendar. If your plan was to work out at gym three times a week, have a close look at how many days you actually went. Do this for at least six months to get a clear view of whether you are being consistent.

Your results will either delight, shock or surprise you.

Viewing my posting results has lit a fire under me.  I am on a mission to get back to posting three times a week on my scheduled days.

Another excellent component of the editorial calendar is that it lets you plan your posts in advance.  If you are worried planning ahead will stifle your creativity, you might be surprised.  My head was buzzing with new ideas yesterday when I was using the calendar.

So what are you waiting for, download your own free version of the Editorial Calendar for WordPress and get scheduling, planning and writing.

If you enjoyed this post, please forward it onto your friends.

I would also appreciate your feedback in the comments section.  If you already use the Editorial Calendar, I would love to hear what you think of the product.

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