What has Happened to the News?

I read on Twitter last night that my favourite news/current affair show 6.30 with George Negus has been axed. I’m still hoping it’s a vicious rumour but after reading further tweets this morning, I suspect it isn’t.

I am deeply disappointed. It was a great show that featured events happening around the globe as well as important stories from Australia.

It had serious investigative pieces, humour and human interest stories not seen on other programs.

George Negus and the other journalists on the show were all top-notch professionals in their field.

I will miss George and his team every weeknight.

I am also a tad angry. It staggers me what constitutes for news nowadays?

I expect my news to feature what is happening in the world, not simply speculate or report on an actor’s latest romantic break up.

Breaking up with your partner is not news. It is someone’s personal business.

A drunken footballer is not news.

If I want to watch what is happening in the world of celebrities (and believe me I use that term loosely, since many of them are famous for being famous and don’t have any apparent skills or talent) I will watch an entertainment show that specialises in this particular style of reporting.

During my news, I expect actual news dammit.

I want to know what is happening in Somalia, South America, Gaza and other parts of the world. I want to know what is happening outside of Australia. While I like to know what affects me and the Australian people, I also want to know what is affecting other people.

Instead, I get a whole bunch of uninteresting crap about Shane Warne and Liz Hurley.

I sometimes worry that I might be one of the few people who doesn’t give a hoot about what the Kardashian’s are doing. Surely I am not the only one?

Don’t get me started on the current affairs in Australia either. I swear if you watched these programs every weeknight you would end up trusting no one. You would be totally paranoid that EVERYONE is trying to rip you off in some way.

While I realise that we need to be made aware of fraudsters (particularly when it comes to online threats) I doubt we need to be reminded of it quite so regularly or on such an intense scale.

Surely there are more important things happening in the world than more water being added to the frozen vegetable packet and the chocolate block getting smaller in the supermarket.  I don’t consider this information high up on my need to know list.  Besides I can see these things for myself when I go shopping.  I don’t need a reporter telling me about them.

The existing current affairs shows have been running for years, so a lot of people are obviously watching these programs or they would be flicked for low ratings.  I am sure they do have some interesting news features, though I can’t bear to sit through all the rubbish to wait for them.

Perhaps I need to start watching SBS News more regularly, because it is one of the few news programs on free television that concentrates on what is happening in the world.

The question is am I alone? Does anything else believe that Australian news or perhaps the news in your own country if you are not Australian needs a good kick?

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  1. says

    You’re not alone. Drives me nuts. We watch ABC at 7pm and SBS late news. The others we watch for the weather only before we put the kids to bed. Mostly, it’s crap. Talk about dumbing down.

    • says

      Hi Allison
      I was thrilled to hear I wasn’t alone. You are right about the dumbing down aspect. I hadn’t really thought of it like that before, but you are spot on.
      I actually got a bit teary watching the last episode of 6.30 with George Negus last Friday. The program reported with integrity and intelligence, not sure where I am going to find another show like that on television? I wonder where George and all the other amazing journalists will end up working next?

  2. Steven says

    Same here is happening here in America
    it is unbearable…….. news used to be news
    now its just Gossip 24/7 and sensational reporting about non-events or speculations.
    I find it hard to talk to my friends about anything else besides school work and getting drunk, because i have no idea whats happened to justin bieber, Kardashian, or who went to rehab again. and they dont know famine in Somalia, Euro crisis, changes in North Korea, or the GOP candidates (i admit the GOP cadidates falls pretty close into the celebrity new category though).

    its a sad sad era to be intellgent

    • says

      Hi Steven
      Thank you so much for commenting. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this topic.
      It must be very frustrating not being able to talk to your school friends about current affairs that you are interested in. I am not sure how old you are but I am thinking you might be a college student (?). Are there any interesting school groups you could get involved in that might not be all about the Kardashians? Maybe the library might have events you could partake in? Even bookstores that have events and clubs might help. It’s not exactly news related but could foster some intelligent conversation at least. Just a thought, I might be off the mark but always worth looking into just in case.
      It’s good to know that there are young people like yourself that are interested in what is happening in the world. That alone gives me hope and comfort. :)
      Good luck, I hope to hear from you again soon.

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