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Following on from my earlier post, 6 Websites for Working and Travelling Outside the Box, I discovered some new blogs to give you the inspiration to flee your cubicle.

Now that I am about to head back to my cubicle (at least for a while) I am more intrigued than ever by the idea of embracing a career you love instead of one you tolerate simply to be able to pay the bills.

Some of these bloggers are currently on the road travelling, others are building their own businesses after breaking away from the corporate arena.

Free Pursuits

This blog is a new find (at least for me!) and I am already a huge fan.  It centres on the concept of lifestyle design.

Free Pursuits – Betsy and Warren Talbot

This post on Betsy and Warren Talbot jumped out at me immediately.  The great thing about this couple is that they are not twenty something travellers (no offence to 20 something’s intended).   People tend to think that a career break or lifestyle design is age specific.  This is not the case.

Free Pursuits – 44 Creative and Adventurous Bloggers

Since I love blog lists I couldn’t resist this one.  You never know what gems you might uncover!

A great feature of this list is that Corbett has placed some of the lesser known blogs at the top of the list, so that they get more exposure.   Corbett also includes details on each blog.

Almost Fearless

A freelance writer who travels the world – this blog really appeals to me.  The amazing thing is Christine is now also a new mother.  I personally admire people who take their children with them on their grand adventures.

Man Vs Debt

As the name suggests this blog has a lot of information about debt and money (plus heaps more).

Man Vs Debt – 21 Inspiring Blogs

Another list of blogs to check out – I did mention that I love these!  There may be a slight overlap with a few blogs mentioned in this post and my earlier one.

The Life Uncommon

This blog isn’t as travel orientated as some of the others.  It is about following your passion and having a career you love – a topic very close to my own heart.

I hope you find something to inspire you!

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