Tips on Staying Motivated

This post should really be titled tips on staying motivated by someone who wasn’t!

Last Saturday I sat down at my laptop to work (ie write).  I had my day planned out.  I knew what had to be done.

So what did I do?  Nada, nothing, zero!

I guess you could call it a procrastinating lapse.  It was however a bit more complicated than just procrastination.  I had no motivation. No enthusiasm. I felt lazy.  In a nutshell I did not want to work last Saturday.

So what did I do after several attempts at trying to get some work done?  I gave up and took the day off.  Humm… probably not the outcome you were expecting.  It wasn’t what I had expected either.  To make up for it (or at least try to) I did work Sunday and Monday (which was a public holiday here).

Knowing full well I am not the only person who occasionally has this issue, I thought I would see what advice was on offer for staying motivated despite feeling anything but.

These tips would have come in very handy last Saturday!

Freelance Folder – Ten tips to stay motivated – Even when you don’t feel like working

Entrepreneurs Journey – How to remain productive when you feel like giving up

Quips and Tips – Tips for staying motivated

Zen Habits – 16 Ways to get motivated when you are in a slump

Daily Writing Tips – Seven things to do when you don’t feel like writing

Procrastinating Writers – See how easily you can motivate yourself

I think my favourite one comes from Brian Clark at Copyblogger.

Copyblogger – Become a better writer

Stay productive!



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  1. Jeremy the Motivator says

    I think we all have those days. Sometimes you can’t get anything done no matter how hard you try. I look at it like writing music. Musicians are paid to write songs by a certain time because of contracts, but true works of art come by inspiration not contract nation.

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